Life-Changing and Sustainable Higher Education Programmes Initiative (L-SHE)

Learning, Teaching and Training Assistance
Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) - External Degree
University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)

Main Aim

The main aim of project L-SHE is to assist and enable those who desire to further their studies but require assistance and support in getting there. The project is managed by the Department of Computing and ICT.

The project focuses on offering learning, teaching and training assistance towards the successful completion of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) – External Degree programme awarded by the prestigious University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), initially. UCSC has been known to be one of the leading scholastic and life-changing institutions for many since 1967 (

Centre for Advanced Studies and Research (CASaR-

CASaR's philosophy is “Education for All, Alike!”

Our vision is to provide anyone interested, the best ways to have access to structured and sustainable education, educational research and consultancy. We currently operate in the fields of Computing & ICT, Business & Management, Logistics Management and Linguistics.

CASaR is committed to creating necessary infrastructure required to achieve its aims and objectives. It houses a training facility with access to teaching/ training, learning and research aids. The facility also has access to servers, printers, scanners, relevant software (open source) and dedicated Internet facilities with the state-of-the-art collaborative tools. The participants are also supported by the Knowledge Base and the Learning Management System.

One of our major strengths is our academic and industry experts who are involved in envisioning, directing and operating a centre towards quality than quantity.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) - External Degree Programme (

BIT is a three year undergraduate (external) degree programme providing candidates with up to date knowledge, skills and attitude required to sustain in the field of Computing and ICT. The alumni consisting consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers & educators, software developers/ engineers, information system and computer networking specialists spread around the world affirms this.

Commenced in the year 2000, BIT has so far produced 6952 Diploma holders, 3354 Higher Diploma holders and 1923 graduates and almost all graduates have been absorbed by the ICT industry (BIT Handbook, 2018).

This degree programme has been redesigned according to ACM guidelines and Policy Framework for External and Extension programme introduced by University Grants Commission in year 2010 (BIT Handbook, 2018)

Highlights of the Project

Several workshops on various important topics (such as tools, techniques, demonstrations, Q&As on industry best practices and other areas such as work culture, work-life balance, coping with stress, and etc.) to be arranged with the industry, both on and off the campus (at the job site, out-door gatherings- beach camps, pool lounges, yoga retreats, and etc.)

Teaching and Learning Arrangement

There will be tutorials and practical as applicable covering all major topics of the syllabus. They are supposed to be covered throughout the duration of the course. All material for the course will be available on the course website. This includes recommended reading, lecture notes, assignment work, tutorial and practical work and sample solutions.

On-line Learning Facilities

Additionally, each student will gain access to all resource material available to his/her courses through our On-line Learning Management System (CASaR/ C2L3 LMS). This is introduced to students (and tutors/mentors) in support of facilitating their learning environment outside the classroom. The URL to access the LMS is found at

Revision and Recitation Sessions

These sessions help students to learn, unlearn and re-learn the theory, concepts and application discussed during the lectures.

Academic and Employability Skills

Study & soft skills, Mathematics, English language support, effective communication, academic report writing, presentations and public speaking will be offered as part of the studies. No additional fee will be charged for these. Furthermore, the project supports the students to find internship and provides various support workshops to get them fit for the industry, right after the degree.

Application Procedure

Interested candidates can apply to this programme as indicated below.
1) Visit the Centre
2) Complete and e-mail the on-line application form found at to or
3) Request electronic application form via or

Important Dates to Remember

1) Registration closing date:
2) Student interviews-
Colombo : Badulla, Bandarawela, Mahiyanganaya : Monaragala, Bibila, Wellawaya :
3) Program commencement date :
4) Induction week :

Further Information

Yohan Pandigama
Head of the Project-LSHE / Co-Founding Director-CASaR
Mobile: 071 300 888 3

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